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Deed The Game is an intelligent and fun business game, with strong upgrading in its version 2.0.

Deed was officially published in App Stores iOS and Android in September 2015. In the testing with users, and after 5 months of development, it was fully reformulated in gameplay, art, and style, with version 2.0 published in February 2016.

The objective is that the user of Deed has a rich and pleasant game experience, so that, in addition to having fun, the user invites friends to do business and make the planet sustainable.

Deed is a Strategy game – positioned as an Educational Game – based on the board game Negócio Sustentável, which is a success in the corporate and university world.

Deed introduces revolutionary business concepts to the gaming world:

• The board is divided into 12 territories, but you are the “owner’ of the entire Planet, and not only of one territory.

• Therefore, as you exchange territories you leave your Sustainability Mark with is based on the 5 currencies in the game: People, Knowledge, Technology, Talent$ - which are the money of the

game, and Clean Energy.

• To win, instead of leading other players to lose, your challenge is to discover a new manner to negotiate that both you and the other player can win in addition to improving the planet. A real
win-win- win.

• Depending on the attitude of the player with respect the businesses, the planet will become poorer or more sustainable in the 5 currencies.

• The great challenge is to find the best manner to negotiate at every step of the way: sometimes buying resources, other times investing, accepting partners and distributing a percentage of the
profits, and keeping 100% of the profits earned with the business.

• The more businesses you make, the greater are your chances to generate personal wealth and with the other players.

• You train the attitudes of an Entrepreneur and an Investor in all businesses, whether these are yours or the other players’.

• Internal chat to Deed, through which you can talk and express yourself with friends and other players, without leaving the game.

The game was developed with state-of- the-art technology, AI - Artificial Intelligence, allowing for the player to first learn individually with the mentor of the game and playing with robots, which are digital players. To later play with Friends and other players in the unified ranking between iOS, Android and webGL – Facebook.

You can play by yourself off-line with AI and play on-line in a team.

Deed allows you to chose short-, medium- and long-term matches. You can also stop anytime and resume later from the point where you stopped. Today´s technology allows for the recording of all Actions in the real world businesses, whether these are conversations, emails, photos, social networks, purchases, and likes. Finally, we leave marks and footsteps of our attitudes. This is how Deed works, as you get rich with the businesses, the other players can follow up your profit and sustainability results.

Deed is a game for the current times. But don’t be fooled, your Strategies will determine your success.

• In this game, no one is successful alone. You can invest in the businesses of other players, as well as obtain Investors for your own businesses.

• Try it out and start playing. Download Deed – the game – for free. A freemium game, available for smartphones and iOS tablets, Android, and for notebooks on the webGL Facebook platform.

To learn more, visit Youtube “Deed the game and the Deeder World” to sign up. Please send us your complaints, comments, and suggestions. This is an interactive game. Join it!