GNS – Game Negócio Sustentável®  proper for B2B. A corporation or company can have its own game, with the name they choose, with the visual identification they prefer, players registration according to the employee base, with the possibility of being expanded to suppliers, clients, partners, and collaborators.

The company can include the GNS as the content of an LMS – Learning Management Software, in its Educational Assessment process.

Another advantage is the Planning of a Contest between sites or between internal areas, geographic areas, in search of the Best Sustainable Negotiator, with defined dates and awards, as a part of the recognition to the top ranking positions, a gamification principle.

Interactive education based on personal discovery

The Education and Development Initiatives in Corporations are going through deep changes, due to technology, compliance systems, corporate governance, transparency in management, and
gamification. Which makes it more efficient, quick, economic, and mainly, the Apprentice can log on at the most convenient day and time for them.

With the Negócio Sustentável Game it is possible to measure:

• Profit and Growth are factors that impact business results
• Attracting, keeping and developing talents
• Development of HR – Human Resources to act in the Business Strategy
• Activity of Leaders with all participants, directly in the Challenges, in the Results and in the Profits
• The level of T&D satisfaction within the organization generally improves significantly
• Short-term changes to the mindset for a sustainable future
• Continuous training on negotiation to achieve collective goals
• Recognition of success based on the gamification principles

The 5 currencies of Sustainable Profit

When the leaders of several areas of the company understand, in the practice of the game, that the company’s profit depends on the management of each one of the 5 basic resources: people,
knowledge, technology, clean energy, and financial capital, the attitude of the team, starting with the leaders, completely changes and negotiation is set permanently. It is the quest for sustainable profits that has to do with present and future. It doesn’t help to have short-term profit if it compromises the future life of the business.

The startup culture versus large corporations

Large corporations recognize that their established processes are slow as compared to those times of decision making and growth of the market of startups in all areas of the economy. Economic
forecasts indicate that a considerable part of the 500 largest companies listed by Forbes will not exist within the coming 5 years due to the fast pace of the technological changes and to digital behavior In order to fight this situation, many corporations are creating startups with freedom and autonomy for innovation in new businesses. In Brazil, Banco Itaú, Brasken, Porto Seguro, and Magazine Luiza, are some examples.

Technology exposes corruption in business

Nowadays, attitudes, meetings, and conversations are recorded in smartphones and cameras spread throughout the streets, buildings, halls, elevators, flash drives in the pockets or around the
wrist of any person. Usually, corporations with dozens of years of existence are not prepared for this reality. Regulating bodies and the government oversight have access to the money
transactions of both individuals and companies on a global scale. Illegal acts can lead a corporation to bankruptcy at an unprecedented pace or at least at cost that is much higher than acting with transparency. Therefore, negotiating with the 5 currencies simultaneously is a manner to prepare for the current times, in a quest for sustainable profit.

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