Perfect for stores selling collections and detachable parts, allowing for immersion and interactivity


  • Show-room, concept-store, showcase,
  • Interior architecture, decoration, urbanism, architectural spaces, leisure parks,
  • Events and concerts, museums,
  • Special fashion collections and accessories, jewelry, cosmetics,
  • Launching of products for chains of stores, and Car dealerships, among others.
  • Games and entertainment,
  • Simulation and Training,
  • Remote communication with Educational applications,
  • Teleconferences,
  • Therapeutic treatment for phobias, etc.



VR - Virtual Reality is an advanced interface technique that allows for the user to experience immersion, navigation, and interaction in a computer-generated 3D synthetic environment multi-sensory channels.

A real environment is simulated based on 360º photos, allowing for users to visualize, interact, and manipulate representations with a strong feeling of three-dimensional presence. The main
challenge faced by virtual reality is to make the brain understand that body and mind are in the same reality.

We might as well highlight 3 characteristics of Virtual Reality:

Immersion: the user has the real feeling of being in a virtual world.
Interaction: the user handles elements or objects in the real world.
Engagement: the user exploits a virtual environment in all dimensions and movements.


Sinergia VR (from English Virtual Reality) creates environments based on 360º photos in high resolution with options of the user’s immersion, interaction and engagement, according to
the objective of each individual client.

Directly from your Browser or Smartphone + Cardboard Glasses

Users can view the virtual environments directly through Internet browsers, as well as through virtual reality glasses, such as the Google Cardboard. With them, users literally “enter” the
environments and can make a virtual tour to get to know the details of the environment and of the products or elements with which it is desired that the user interact. With Sinergia VR, companies can expand their environments, products, and services without any physical barrier, wherever their existing and potential clients are. The Google Cardboard Glasses are virtual reality glasses with an accessible price and practicality, with the possibility of sending them for users to try the virtual reality of their own smartphones.