The startup Sinergia Studios was officially created on September 11, 2014, as the main business of Sinergia Comunicação S/A and comprises a team of sustainability conscious and active entrepreneurs, with a passion for business and innovation, as well as of investors who believe in Innovation, Technology, Gamification, and Business Scalability. Sinergia Studios relies on a Team of Developers to create intelligent and fun games that stir passion in their users, improving Life and the Planet. The game Deed, published in its 2.0 version in February 2016, represents an evolution in board games. A Sustainable Business, success in the corporate and academic world since 2008.

Every day, our team puts all his talent to develop the next generation of 5-star games, using our own proprietary technologies that will redefine the industry. Every day, millions of people can enjoy what we have created.

Having a team of highly skilled professionals is what we are getting results. But that does not come overnight. That's why we invest in our partners. We organize training and lectures, we sent our people to conferences around the world to help them grow professionally.


To make the World more sustainable through actions, games, and apps that incite young people and adults to participate in personal and professional negotiations in a simple and fun manner.
Connectivity technology with on-site and digital events, with a highlight for e-Sport Deed.


To reach people globally with a new manner of making profitable and sustainable businesses, through our Games and Apps. The sustainability culture in the businesses is here to stay with constant upgrading.




  • Inovation
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Action
  • Scalability

Gloria Pereira

Gloria Pereira is an educator and a born entrepreneur. Sinergia Studios is her most recent challenge and the first with global scalability. She has created a Communication Studio and launched the CRICS Magazine for adolescents, with 50 thousand monthly issues. She also created Agência da Gente for international cultural schools attending annually by 100 thousand students on a yearly basis. She created a Tourism Train in partnership with the RFF – Rede Ferroviária Federal, which invited people to enjoy riding the train on weekends. She created Stone Wall which produced and installed climbing walls in partnership with the French EntrePrises.  She created Sinergia Treinamento for the financial education of the heirs of entrepreneur families and corporations.

She is the author of several books on Personal Finances, among which we must mention the best seller “A energia do dinheiro” published by Elsevier Editora. By request of clients, she created the
board game Negócio Sustentável® for training programs in organizations and universities.

Glória loves to travel and has a passion for nature, forests, mountains, waterfalls, caves, islands and deserts.


Sandro Morishita

Producer and Game Designer for years, with experience in iOS, Android, Nintendo DS, PSP, Social Mobile and Freemium Games.  After working for companies such as Ubisoft, having produced 6 games, worked in the coordination and development of apps and games, and having launched his own game – the Aplay Words – Sandro became the Co-Founder of Sinergia Studios.

He is the Producer of the mobile version of the Negócio Sustentável Game, the Deed, casual games such as Master Bar, with an eye on the use of state-of- the-art technologies and market opportunities. An architecture graduate, and an entrepreneur, he was invited twice by the government of Japan to enhance the businesses of family companies. He is a fan games and has
transformed this passion into business.

Sandro engages in nice conversations with his friends and family and likes to travel to exquisite places.


(Português do Brasil) Douglas Liberato | Co-Founder e CFO

An economist and post-graduated in Business Management. He has work in the retail, financial and automobile markets. He became a Co-Founder due to his highly positive experience as an
Organizational Consultant, with corporate clients, using the board game Negócio Sustentável.

He is a Trainer of people, a facilitator of education, a coach, an energetic body therapist, and an organizational consultant, with over 25 years of experience in business management and
leadership. He has been using Enneagram for 10 years as a master tool, applying it to relationships and human behavior. He has deepened in an unforeseen manner the understanding on the influence of emotions in the professional environment, in negotiations, and in the relationship with money. A Trainer for Sustainable Negotiation and mindset changing for the 21 st Century, enabling the creation of new opportunities of growth to people and companies.


Sinergia Studios relies on a Team of game lovers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are passionate about what they do. The environment stimulates the freedom to express their own ideas, specialists in different areas for the production of games. They believe in themselves, nurture admiration and respect for each other and are committed with offering to the world an innovative product, with a great potential of global success.

Under the Leadership of Sandro, a leader who incites each one of them to give their best, the team knows how to give and receive feedback and uses the most advanced shared production tools.

Time Sinergia Studios - novembro 2014

Time Sinergia Studios - novembro 2014

Acionistas - Sinergia

Acionistas - Sinergia

Time Sinergia Studios - novembro 2016

Time Sinergia Studios - novembro 2016