Gloria Pereira is an educator and a born entrepreneur. Sinergia Studios is her most recent challenge and the first with global scalability. She has created a Communication Studio and launched the CRICS Magazine for adolescents, with 50 thousand monthly issues. She also created Agência da Gente for international cultural schools attending annually by 100 thousand students on a yearly basis. She created a Tourism Train in partnership with the RFF – Rede Ferroviária Federal, which invited people to enjoy riding the train on weekends. She created Stone Wall which produced and installed climbing walls in partnership with the French EntrePrises.  She created Sinergia Treinamento for the financial education of the heirs of entrepreneur families and corporations.

She is the author of several books on Personal Finances, among which we must mention the best seller “A energia do dinheiro” published by Elsevier Editora. By request of clients, she created the
board game Negócio Sustentável® for training programs in organizations and universities.

Glória loves to travel and has a passion for nature, forests, mountains, waterfalls, caves, islands and deserts.