Producer and Game Designer for years, with experience in iOS, Android, Nintendo DS, PSP, Social Mobile and Freemium Games.  After working for companies such as Ubisoft, having produced 6 games, worked in the coordination and development of apps and games, and having launched his own game – the Aplay Words – Sandro became the Co-Founder of Sinergia Studios.

He is the Producer of the mobile version of the Negócio Sustentável Game, the Deed, casual games such as Master Bar, with an eye on the use of state-of- the-art technologies and market opportunities. An architecture graduate, and an entrepreneur, he was invited twice by the government of Japan to enhance the businesses of family companies. He is a fan games and has
transformed this passion into business.

Sandro engages in nice conversations with his friends and family and likes to travel to exquisite places.