Do funny and profitable
Businesses.Train as an
Entrepreneur and Investor
together with your Friends.
Besides being funny, the
Planet may become more

Play Deed the game in your device

It has a modern way of negotiating whereby all players obtain profits and assure someone to play with in the future.

Since businesses need a place in the Planet, it is important to take care of the sustainability of the territories. There are businesses in all areas in the economy!

The more businesses you do the more chances you have to get rich!

The 5 coins of DEED

Sustainability of the territories is based on 5 coins: people, knowledge, technology, clean energy, and finances (Talent$ is the financial coin). Concluding the businesses, obtaining profits and making the territory more sustainable are the challenges of the game.

Make up your business team

Invite friends and/or people interested in businesses to play Deed. Soon, you will have an e-Sports Championship with awards to the best ones: Personal Wealth, Number of sustainable territories and number of concluded businesses.

On the button Portfolio, see the button Statement containing all the information about your performance and where you need to improve.

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